My web and game development projects.

Cyborg Platypus

Cyborg Platypus is my web development company, located in Tasmania, Australia. We create custom web design for small businesses. Our speciality is helping you capture new audiences and increasing your sales and visibility on the Internet. Contact us by calling, emailing or filling out our form. You will receive a free quote by email within 48 hours.

JavaScript Calculator

I created this calculator with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for The Odin Project. It’s fully functional to my knowledge, although you cannot use a keyboard for input yet. I plan to add that functionality in the future.

Etch-a-Sketch web app

Also created for The Odin Project curriculum, and also coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this is an Etch-a-Sketch web app.

Introduction to HTML

Learn the basics of the language that structures the World Wide Web in my Introduction to HTML website. It guides you through preparation, the basics of the language, and writing your first web page.. Also, it’s written in HTML. HMTLception!

Odin Project Landing Page

The Odin Project is an excellent website with free courses on web design. One of the exercises is to create a web  page based on a given visual design (an image file of a website layout) and a few other rules. This was the page I made for that exercise. Written in HTML and CSS.

Odin Project Landing Page screenshot.
Screenshot of CSS art of the Pokemon Gastly.

Animated CSS Gastly

This animation of the Pokemon Gastly is written in HTML and CSS. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to position the HTML elements of a web page, but they can also be used to make art or animation out of pure code.

Buddy's Homepage

Buddy is my dog and business partner. He is a talented web designer and asked if I would feature his homepage in my personal portfolio so he can get extra traffic. It’s written in HTML and CSS.

Screenshot of Griffin Flight Simulator game.

Griffin Flight Simulator

Griffin Flight Simulator is a game I made over a period of a few days in MIT’s Scratch programming environment. Try and beat the high score!


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